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Amplio’s rugged, easy-to-use Talking Book audio device is designed for the learning needs of low-literate populations living in the world’s hardest to reach communities. With Talking Books, development organizations can provide access to information in local languages. Listeners can play messages on demand and use a built-in microphone to record their questions and feedback. A built-in speaker allows families and groups to listen and learn together.

Talking Book content is typically produced in the form of songs, dramas, interview, and endorsements. Amplio does not create content, but can provide referrals to local partners and affiliates who provide content development services and support.

Because Amplio’s technology collects usage data and user feedback, Talking Book partners can monitor program engagement, identify issues and trends, and continually update and improve their messaging and content for greater impact.

Governments, development agencies, and local NGOs are using Amplio’s technology to amplify their reach and share knowledge about agriculture, health, livelihood development, and more. In the last 10 years, Talking Book programs have reached over a million people. However, millions more at risk of being left behind, including 750 million people who are illiterate and a billion women who don’t have mobile internet. To help meet this demand, Amplio is developing a new Talking Book device to runs on rechargeable batteries and a suite of self-service tools that will enable partners to more easily launch and run their own Talking Book programs.

Programs that incorporate Talking Books have seen a significant impact:

  • A Ghana pilot project that provided messages from local agriculture experts saw crop production increase by 48%, leading to greater food security and nutrition.
  • MEDA’s GROW project distributed Talking Books to economically empower over 23,000 women farmers in northern Ghana to improve food security and nutrition. The women listened to messages on sustainable agriculture, finance, market chains, health and nutrition, and gender roles during their weekly VSLA meetings and with their households. With access to information, GROW farmers were able to double their annual income, with over 53% percent achieving income stability.

  • In Kenya, USAID’s Afya Timiza project has used Talking Books to train and support thousands of community health workers in Samburu and Turkana counties, increasing the number of pregnant women attending antenatal care visits by 110%.

  • A UNICEF and Ghana Health Services are using Talking Books to strengthen health education and services at community health posts in Upper West Ghana. As a result, community health nurses are reporting more accurate, consistent messaging and efficient delivery of messaging, which allows them to focus on treatment.

Amplio’s technology includes an audio content manager for managing Talking Book playlists, an app to update content and collect data in the field, and a cloud-based dashboard.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote


Dimensions: 12 cm x 12 cm x 6.5 cm
Weight: 225 grams

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