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Solution Overview & Benefits

Barsha is a hydro-powered irrigation pump, named after the Nepalese word for "rain". It has been developed with a vision to provide a sustainable irrigation solution to farmers across the world. This waterwheel utilizes energy from the flow of rivers and canals to pump water, regardless of the flow velocity.

The Barsha pump provides a sustainable solution to farmers across the world. It works on the principle of spiral pumping, using the kinetic energy of the waterwheel to pump water to higher elevations without the need for active mechanical parts to create pumping action. The pump consists of spirals where air is compressed between water columns resulting in air pressure that lifts the water.

The current version with a 1.5m diameter is able to lift up to a vertical head of 20 meters, and to deliver water 2km inland through flat lands, while reaching up to 40,000 liters of water per day, depending on the flow velocity of the water.

The water pumped can be used to flood fields or it can be pumped to a reservoir in order to couple with an irrigation system such as a sprinkler.

History & Development

The Barsha pump is made with indigenous elements and does not need much maintenance as there are only a few moving parts. As a result of these factors, the Barsha pump can save over 70% of watering costs for farmers, compared to conventionally-used fossil-fuel based pumps. The pumps have been implemented in areas such as Nepal and Indonesia, where barren lands are being cultivated only once a year in the rainy season. Farmers could not farm in the dry season due to lack of irrigation, and the costs of using kerosene or gasoline pumps were prohibitive. When the Barsha pump was implemented, farmers could farm different cash crops in the dry season as well, helping to increase their income level.

In addition to commercial farms, aQysta also aims to support farmers who wish to shift from subsistence to commercial farming by providing irrigation facilities, in partnership with other development organizations. Whereas the end users of the technology are always farmers, the customers can range from individual farmers to farmer co-operatives, development organizations/projects to government bodies.


Publicly available: Yes
Countries where available: Globally
Price range: 1120 to 1170 Euros
Offered or can be licensed for local manufacture: Yes

Shipping costs may vary per country and case.
We provide discounts for larger order quantities.


Dimensions: 1.5 meters in Diameter

Additional Information

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