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Solution Overview & Benefits

SuMeWa|SYSTEM (Sun Meets Water System) is a solar-PV-driven technical unit that pumps, filters and disinfects water for safe drinking water supply. The main function of the device is the electrolytic production of disinfectant used to purify water. No chemicals are added. The water quality is continuously monitored and automatically adapted to the required level.

Each SuMeWa|SYSTEM produces sufficient drinking water for up to 2,000 people from wells or other fresh bodies of water with a depth of up to 70 meters. Operational costs for the system are low. Maintenance is conducted by locals, as the unit can be cleaned using only a toothbrush and lime juice.

SuMeWa|SYSTEM features include:

  • No Chemicals required
  • Maximum capacity up to 20,000 liters/day
  • Chlorine level: 0.3 - 3 mg/l depending on requirements
  • Maximum energy requirement: 120 W
  • Iron removal capacity: up 10 mg/l can be reduced to below guideline values
  • Manganese removal capacity: up to 10 mg/l can be reduced below guideline values

History & Development

Today more than 80% of the nearly 1 billion people without access to water live in rural areas. The number of people without access to safe drinking water is significantly higher. To ensure that water is safe to drink, boiling is recommended, but this requires firewood.

Filtration and UV radiation alone cannot ensure safe water conditions for water distribution as none of these disinfection methods protects the water against recontamination after the actual disinfection process. While a chlorine solution could provide a remedy, its availability, stability and correct dosing limits the application in such regions.

The SuMeWa|SYSTEM was developed to create a sustainable and cost effective solution to persistent problems of clean water access.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Brazil, Ghana, Gambia, India, Pakistan, Laos, Egypt

Additional Information

Solution Providers Website (external link) Product Webpage (external link)


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