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Solution Overview & Benefits

The Speaking Book is a hardcover, customized, 16-page book accompanied by audio recordings for each page, designed to the specifications of individual customers to communicate specific messages.

Today, companies and organizations do not have the resources nor the right tools to communicate effectively with illiterate populations. Books of Hope, LLC saw that traditional tools such as pamphlets and brochures are useless among those that cannot read. Moreover, community workers are too scarce to reach large populations. As a result, Speaking Books were created to help organizations develop a tool to help overcome the barriers presented by illiteracy.

By providing books that speak to illiterate and low literacy individuals, Speaking Books aim to arm individuals with critical information to improve their physical, financial and social standing.

Voice recordings are usually done by local celebrities which further empowers communities, generates excitement around the information and lends credibility to the messages.

History & Development

Approximately one billion people cannot read, which means they have no access to heath care information, education, loans, insurance, job training and so much more that is necessary to live a productive and sustainable life.

To date, hundreds of thousands of speaking books have been created, in over 50 titles in 29 languages that have been distributed in 30 countries.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote
Available online: yes

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