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Solution Overview & Benefits

DASARAN (which means “classroom” in the Armenian language) is a simple-to-use cloud-based Educational Development System that provides transparent and innovative performance management and data analysis services combined with interactive learning content and communication channels for school students, parents, teachers, administrators, and policymakers. The platform helps build infrastructural capacity through low-cost, yet high-quality innovative technologies for more efficient educational solutions that address UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In line with the world’s best practices, DASARAN disrupts the entire public education ecosystem by helping meet educational-technological development goals, advancing evidence-based decision-making, improving student performance, and augmenting teacher capacity. The platform’s impact is achieved through some major components:

  • Distance-Learning Toolset allowing teachers to create online courses in the subjects of their instruction and deliver the courses directly to their class students. Furthermore, the Distance-Learning Toolset integrates a Knowledge-Assessment Mechanism, through which teachers can quickly add quizzes to the courses and assess their students’ knowledge of the particular subject areas and topics.
  • A learning management system that combines classroom management, journals to help track assignments and homework, student performance statistics, etc., provides insights to all education stakeholders and promotes transparency in public schools. The system helps schools set standards and establish routines (such as annual reports, yearly school report cards, etc.) to further build their capacity, sustainability, and withstand changes in school administration and political priorities.
  • A data analytics tool for educational policy-making allows for effective monitoring of schools and a more accurate measurement of education indicators across a country. The tool provides real-time statistical data and comparative analysis on school management efficiency, school enrolment, and student performance using various indicators. This helps policymakers to analyze educational conditions and to assess the different diagnostic information to bring quality education to every student.
  • Customized e-learning and gamified education approach, encompassing a wide knowledge base that covers a wide range of topics as disaster risk reduction, environmental protection, energy conservation, human rights, constitutional rights, intercultural learning, social inclusion, tolerance among others. This approach allows DASARAN not just to teach students a set of knowledge and information, but to shape their behavioral patterns as civil citizens.

History & Development

DASARAN was founded in 2009 aiming to equalize the learning opportunities and decrease regional disparities in education. The program was launched with the initiation of a pilot phase in cooperation with the Republic of Armenia’s Ministry of Education and Science. Because of the breakthrough that DASARAN brought to the schools, success followed right away. A phased approach was adopted to cover all the public schools in the country, which was implemented simultaneously coping with the issue of lack of computers and internet connection in certain peripheral or rural areas of the country. DASARAN has proven its concept in Armenia – a country of 3 million population - and achieved 100 percent penetration into the education system, connecting all public schools across the country to a unified platform. The DASARAN platform is currently used by one third of the entire population in Armenia – over 1 million people, including K12 students, parents, teachers, principals and policy-makers – making DASARAN an inseparable part of their school lives and the national education system in general. Building up on its extensive experience, DASARAN has the capacity to start in any country and build analogous success through adapting to the distinctions of the given societies.


Publicly available: Yes
Countries where available: DASARAN has the capacity to start in any country.
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