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Solution Overview & Benefits

The Fenix ReadyPay Solar Kit is engineered to enable quick 60W-peak charging without spikes, surges and deep discharge to extend the life of the battery.


  • ReadyPay Intelligent Battery
  • 15-watt Solar Panel
  • AC Electric Wall Charger (UK or CE plug)
  • 1.5-watt High Efficiency LED Lightbar
  • USB Universal Clip Charger
  • Nokia Phone Charger (large & small pin)
  • User Manual

History & Development

Fenix started with the belief that everyone should have access to energy. With 1.1 billion people living off-the-grid at the base of the pyramid, we knew that we needed to find a scalable solution. So we started the design process with need finding. We traveled across East Africa and Central Asia where we became inspired by the creative and innovative ways people accessed electricity but – at the same time – distraught by how unreliable and expensive these homegrown solutions were.

We saw a huge need that wasn’t being well-served. About 600 million people use cell phones even though they don’t have access to energy and even more people depend on burning kerosene for lighting, which can be dirty, dangerous and expensive. So we wanted to design a high quality battery that would charge mobile phones, lights and other devices, and would be powered by renewable energy, be sophisticated enough to meet people’s energy needs, be durable enough to withstand the environment, yet be simple and sleek in its design so everyone could use it.

That’s why we created the ReadyPay. We’re delivering this renewable energy system because we want to enable people to access the global economy through mobile technology, and to have clean, safe and affordable light. Inspired by how “mobile banking” revolutionized financial independence, we believe that “mobile energy” is the next exciting frontier.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Uganda, United States and Canada Price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote
Available online: yes
Countries where spare parts can be purchased: Contact Fenix for details

Additional Information

Solution Providers Website (external link) Product Webpage (external link)


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