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The mission of the Harpswell Foundation is to empower a new generation of women leaders in Cambodia and the developing world. We are politically neutral. Our strategy is to focus on a relatively small number of the brightest young people possessing leadership potential and to nourish that potential. In particular, we provide housing, education, and leadership training for children and young women.

History & Development

In July 2006 the Foundation completed construction of a dormitory and leadership center for college women in Boeng Trabaek, Phnom Penh; in December 2009, we completed the second such facility in Tuek Thla, Phnom Penh. These two facilities, among the first dormitories in Cambodia, allow women from the provinces (90% of the population) to attend university by eliminating one of the major obstacles: not having a place to live in Phnom Penh. Colleges in Cambodia do not provide housing for their students. Male students can live in the Buddhist temples, but female students cannot. For this reason, many women from rural areas are prevented from receiving higher education. The dormitory and leadership center at Boeng Trabaek houses 36 women, the center at Tuek Thla houses 48.


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