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KARIBU Solar Power

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Solution Overview & Benefits

The solution is a modular solar lamp designed to make solar lighting economically viable for the Base of the Pyramid consumer. Over 500 million people today use toxic kerosene lamps, which burn people and homes and emit millions of tons in greenhouse gases yearly. KARIBU's product provides an affordable solar substitute for kerosene lighting by splitting the lamp into three components (solar panel, rechargeable battery, and light); consumers are then able to split up payment for these components. The small amounts they would pay over time are comparable to the costs of kerosene lighting.

History & Development

KARIBU intends to leverage existing distribution infrastructure for its lamp by training and enabling microfranchisees: 1. A shop owner purchases a lamp and extra rechargeable battery from KARIBU Solar Power and becomes a KARIBU Microfranchisee. 2. A consumer purchases the light and battery components of the solar lamp while the shop owner keeps the solar panel. They commence their "rent to own" program. 3. After enjoying an evening of bright, clean light and phone-charging, the consumer returns and pays for a fully-charged battery (the extra battery). They must return because the solar panel is the only way to recharge the battery. 4. After 30 days of the "rent to own" program, the consumer takes ownership of the solar panel portion and becomes solar independent.


Publicly available: no
Countries where available: Worldwide
Price range (USD): Contact supplier

Additional Information

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