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Since the launch of the Lifeline radio in 2003, Lifeline Energy has been gathering user feedback as to how to create an even better radio. The Prime Radio is the next generation of power independent, multi-band radio to provide 24/7 listening access - anytime, anywhere.

An analogue radio with FM, AM and three SW bands, the Prime features an attractive digital LCD screen, enabling accurate tuning for even hard to find stations. Station frequencies are displayed in a large, clear, easy-to-read format. A color-coded user interface, with only three buttons and one knob, makes it easy to understand for children and adults alike.

The Prime features a suite of power options – a solar panel, a hand crank, and a DC input which can be plugged into either a wall socket or a car battery. The solar panel, which slides onto the back of the radio, can charge the Prime directly through a cable, or removed and charged wirelessly. The wireless solar panel, an upgraded option, has a powerful, rechargeable battery pack, which provides additional battery capacity and extends playtime.

The upgraded solar panel also includes a USB output socket, enabling mobile phone charging on demand. There is an additional cost for this, but it will pay for itself in no time by charging phones. Given the lack of electricity in rural areas, charging mobile phones can be a challenge. This solar panel model comes with a USB lead and two standard charging port tips. Mobile charging by USB leads will become more common as phone manufacturers are now standardizing tips.

When charging the Prime with the hand-crank in either direction, a green indicator light shines to let the user know that they are winding at optimum speed. If you wind it too slowly, now you’ll know to speed up.

The Prime’s powerful speaker makes it ideal for group listening in classrooms, marketplaces, or in community meetings. Radio distance education classes in countries like Malawi, Southern Sudan and Zambia can have more than 100 learners gathered around one radio. To cater for this, there is an auxiliary speaker output socket, allowing for additional speakers to be plugged in, boosting listening volume.

The Prime has an integrated LED light that is pushed to activate. It provides a bright light at night, or in unlit classrooms that can aid in reading or help teachers to grade papers.

History & Development

Some of the team that brought you the Lifeline radio also designed and developed the Prime, under the direction of our new product development and trading arm, Lifeline Technologies Trading Ltd. Like with the Lifeline radio in 2002, we listened to what end-users told us they wanted. We’ve made practical improvements, while enhancing quality, and the result is a fit-for-purpose radio that is also less expensive.

The Prime is available to the humanitarian and aid sector only and is not for commercial sale.


Publicly available: yes
Countries where available: Worldwide
Available online: yes


Dimensions: Height: 305 mm, Width: 144 mm, Depth: 131 mm
Weight: 1.4 kg

Additional Information

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