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Solution Overview & Benefits

Information updated: April 13th 2020

This is an AmbuBag device.

This design is based on a hand-operated BVM (Bag Valve Mask) or known as Ambu bag, which when combined with a PEEP valve will meet most of the NHS requirements for COVID-19 ventilation treatment. The manufacturing process includes laser cutting and using readily available components to ensure low-cost design to be created in bulk.

Spec Summary:

  • Fully adjustable of breath frequency and pressure/tidal volume.
  • Can be combined with a standard PEEP valve.

Improvements for next version include:

  • Pressure sensor + buzzer
  • Test pressure sensor with test lung
  • Impliment safety alarm (auidable & visual) code with pressure sensor (including timeouts)
  • Secure the bag down better
  • Remove global variables
  • Add LCD screen + button shield to read back pressure valves & other valves
  • Add auto switch-over to battery back up
  • Add voltage divider & safety code to give auidable & visual alarm when battery is running out
  • Code in the motorSpeed POT to allow adjustment for different motors

(more details can be found on the project websites - see links below)

History & Development

Open Vent- Bristol is an open-source initiative led by Darren Lewis. Additional support from Sam Reilly (Software Certification Engineer), Sadie (ITU nurse), Tom Breddal (Consultant Anesthetist in UK ITU).

Team Disclaimer: All users of this design and device shall be deemed notified of the warnings stated herein. This device is a simply designed, fast produced ventilator. This device should not be used in place of an existing hospital ventilator. These should only be used as a last resort where a patient has no other alternative due to the lack of availability of existing ventilators. This is not a fully medically certified device and should not be relied upon as such. The device is designed for use by trained medical professionals and should only be used by trained medical professionals; it is not intended for home use. The designers and manufacturers of this device shall not be held liable for any death or injury that may result from this device. The designers and manufacturers of this device give no guarantees or warranties as to the efficacy and/or safety of this device. This design isn't connected with dyson or any other ventilator projects including Dyson CoVent.



Publicly available: No
Countries where available: United Kingdom - OpenSource project
Offered or can be licensed for local manufacture: Yes

Additional Information


If you are aware of any updates to the COVID-19 Rapid Manufacture Ventilator BVM Ambubag project please complete the form or send an email to [email protected]

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