PanAAC - Pan African Agribusiness and Agro-Industry Consortium


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Solution Overview & Benefits

PanAAC has initiated programs aimed at strengthening linkages between producers of technology agricultural training institutions and agribusiness in order to make agricultural graduates owners of business, employers and skilled and marketable professionals.

PanAAC offers a platform for reliable information on markets and value chains based on reliable reports, market analysis and relevant experiences. The consortium collects and collates data, processes into valuable business intelligence for its stakeholders.

History & Development

PanAAC was formed at a private sector agribusiness meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa in June, 2007 followed by a consolidation meeting in Accra, Ghana (November, 2007).


Publicly available: no
Countries where available: Africa, potential extension to other countries
Available online: yes
Offered or can be licensed for local manufacture: Potentially
Countries where spare parts can be purchased: Africa

Additional Information

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