Centrifuge 2.0


Solution Overview & Benefits

Created by VOCA, the Centrifuge 2.0 is a low-cost centrifuge design for the extraction of avocado oil. The team is currently designing a set of centrifuge technologies to allow the production of avocado oil at the local level in small villages in Tanzania.

VOCA's ultimate goal is to empower locals to produce high-quality avocado oil to be used and sold locally.

History & Development

VOCA is a winner of the MIT IDEAS Global Challenge, and has team members based at the project site in Tanzania.

Leveraging this initial award, the VOCA team is currently working on the design of the prototype centrifuge.


Publicly available: no
Countries where available: USA

Additional Information

Solution Providers Website (external link)


If you are aware of any updates to the Centrifuge 2.0 project please complete the form or send an email to [email protected]

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